Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another post for Challenges

ok here is the next card that I am using for several challenges

here is my Cupcake Cutie! Charlotte from thegreetingfarm


Club Anya & Friends: Monday Mania with Gabby
Hope Stamps Eternal Cupcake Challenge #44
Your Next Stamp Anything that sparkles
Flutter By Anything w/butterfly

Getting the hang of Challenges

Ok... I am still learning about how "Challenges" work and how to enter them.... (like using one Card/Project) and how to use them in more that one Challenges. If any of my Wonderful followers have any "Tips or Ideas" And  "Constructive criticism"  for me  Please Please leave me a little note.

I have uploaded two of these cards before but I think they will still work with a few of the Challenges that I have seen (Piali, I hop u don't mind that I got a few from your list on your Blog (I just Love It :-)

This cute little girl is named "Cup Cake Tilly" she is a free image for Wendy over at  Digital-Doodling

here we have Anya form thegreetingfarm

Lily-Boo too: Valentine
No Time to Stamp? Red and Valentine
Pixie Cottage Pink and Red
Stampavie and More Love card/Valentine

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Metal Mania TGF

her is my card I entered for the Metal Mania over at TGF I am really in love with these stamp/digi images..

 Card stock is Bazzills, DP and PP where all in on set that I got from Target.. yes Target and this is the best part of it ... the whole pack was only .99cents.  And the Brads too from Target and Yes only .99cents


Ok... Today at 1:30 pm in the middle of my laundry day we heard the loudest energy serge ( my DH and I) we lost complete power it span for about 4 blocks. so no power.. I am setting up my story so you will understand why I am blogging at this time of night..... We were with out power until 10:00 pm tonight. TODAY OF ALL DAYS...I am a huge GENERAL HOSPITAL FAN.. when the story line gets too endless for me, I can easily turn away from it for a while.. BUT if you have been watching like I have then u know why today was not a good day to have my power off.... SONNY AND DOMINIC/DANTE.. have we seen a more beautiful father and son as those two) and I was with out power today... THANK GOODNESS for SOAPNET.I would had to stay up until midnight to watch it... AND it was worth IT!!!!!!!!

CAN not wait for Monday :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sassy Studio Thursday- Pink and Brown Challenge

here is my cared for the SS Thursday Challenge

I used "Disco Diva" Sassy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Monday, January 25, 2010

TGF- Relay Contest

here is my entry for TGF Relay Contest. I posted it on their gallery, but just checking my blog, they stated that they were having technically difficulty, so I wanted to make sure I could move on to the next challenge

Here is Mer-Ian and his undersea friends,, I am just know getting to really love my Cricut and all that I can do with it

Pictures from CHA

I have a few pictures form CHA, ( I posted them in a slide show on the side) It was a lot of fun. I took my daughter and sister with me (girls day out) they are not into it as much as I am BUT they were as excited as I was.

My daughter was over joyed with the Prove Craft booth, she has found a love for decorating cakes with "fondant".......SO!!!! when she saw that they have just come out with the "Cricut Cake" it was over. With this new cricut you can use any of your carts that u have and just roll out I believe they said or where using "Gum paste on the mat and u can decorate with any images that u want ( IT was pretty cool) she has been asking her dad ever since we came home that she "Must have One" LOL

my highlight was meeting my biggest "hero" and that was Robyn from "The Pink Stamper" ( she could not have been nicer and the sweetest. I had to post my picture with her again because it cut me off in my slide show.. ( I don't know what I did wrong,?????

I meet some of the Ladies for "Clear and Simple (I made a very cute "make and take" from them too. I must say that they too where also very nice. We visited just about every booth, but it seemed the time went by so quickly (at least for me!!!

HI ROBYN!!!!!.. thank u for chatting with me :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today is CHA for me!!!!

Good Morning to all, today is CHA Saturday for me..I am up at 7:30 am getting ready, I could not sleep I have been so excited to go, again this is my first CRAFT convention, fair or anything like it.. I will not be attending any workshop(not n my budget) but I will make my way to every both and do a lot of make and take"... Will post pictures as soon as I get back.

SSD Paper Piecing

here is my entry for the Sassy Studio Designs Sunday Tutorial title Paper Piecing

for my paper piecing I used Coca Carol, I don't know what my technique was, but I pieced her on to her coach and if you look close you will see I also pieced her cup.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SNOW N the Antelope Valley

yes,,, finally we got a little snow here in Palmdale, we have been waiting to see if we would get any and our wait is over!!!!

by the time i upload these it stoped (but we are happy for any amount :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day in Cali

good afternoon all... I have not been on my computer all weekend long, spend the weekend just hanging out with the kids... Since Saturday we have had "movie day's" (in the living room with our blankets watching movie and eating popcorn.. And to day was made even better becasue first my DH had the day off; and  we got RAIN (I can not point to the last time we have had any kind of rain) and even so it was not heavy rain, but just enough to make it a cozy day... I asked my 4 yr old why she had no school today, she said because of "King Jr. Martin" (her exact words) I just love her at this stage it shows that she is learning at pre-school.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sassy Studio Customer Blog Hop

Ok Ladies it is 2:05 am (Cali time) and I am posting my projects.. for the sassystudiodesigns Customber Blog Hop... I have been working hard on these; as this is one of my Favorite Blogs :-) I hope you ladies like

Sassy Gift

 For the Mail Box Project.. I must give credit to Robyn at "The Pink Stamper" it was her latest video and I loved it.. (Thank U Robyn

Sassy Altered

                      (Was not sure on the Altered part. I paper pieced.. her Scraf, and shopping Bag)

Color Challenge

Rockin Layout
I created this Card back in November, when my Blog was only a "dream" lol, and since I had not posted herr any where I thought I would ( I can see how far I have come just by looking at her)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Made Three More!!!

After weeks and weeks of procrastinating I finally colored my free images that I got from Wendy over at digial-doodling. It felt like my creative juices finally kicked in. I looked at my DP ,CS and just went from there.. It took most of my afternoon.. BUT I DID IT!!! (a goal reached YES!!!! :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Challenge

Here is my card I entered for a challenge at It is a real cute card and a very beautiful Bible Verse.. I think it came out pretty good (it was my very first time doing "Embossing" LOOK AT THE HEART :-) And before I go on I was always afraid to post simply because I felt that I did not have half of the items that I see when I look on the other blogs I am as many of you am going thru some hard financial times right now, so my budget for any thing is small to NONE .. But as a part of being a new ME!! I don't want to use any EXCUSES as a way of not being responsible for what I do and more important what I need to do ( set SMALL GOALS and achieve them my self.....


Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Friday

Today was a GREAT DAY.. I spent the day with  Lynette at Pre-School, her class has an up coming field trip and the students all have the same T shirts that is decorated with their "Handprint" (VERY CUTE :).. I really enjoy spending the day in class with  her  and her other 19 class mate...I hope to post a card before the end of the day.. Yesterday I was down In LA visiting my sis and mom... so  I have not had a chance.. but I will at least get some coloring done tonight.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Post

first let me say that even though I know my way around a compuer pretty good... I get  so scared to try new things... BUT that is my issue to deal with ( and to deal with I am :-) I just posted my VERY FIRST CHALLENGE of anything or any where over at http://www.thegreetingfarm/ and Club Anya and Friends.. Only after that did I feel worthy to add their badge to my blog and SO that is just what I did LOL..

I feel good about any small steps I take to a better ME!!!

Finally I am posting a Card

here is a card for my first Challange that I will be entering for The Greeting Farm

Monday, January 4, 2010

Broke my Goal already???

ok, it was Jan 1st that I said that I would post something everyday.. here it is Jan 5th and it is the first post I have done since.. (again just a procrastinator!!!) that should have been the name of my BLOG.. LOL to my self.. But anywaysssss.. I won't give up on my self.. (that is my second goal) notice I am not saying resolution or any other crap like that... I don't  believe in New Years resolution I just want to believe in Sharette and all that she is and can be.... so tonight I am sitting working on one of my images that I just bought (digi images) and I do plan on posting a card not just typing and babbling on and on ( I decide that I wont waste time trying to correct my words to make them sound all important and what not (except for spell check) what every comes from my head to heart to keyboard is what I am expressing and is what I am going to share.. ( I may be the only person reading these FOR NOW!!!!!! until Tomorrow

Rette Rette

Friday, January 1, 2010


Wishing A HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one.. I want to set a goal for my self to post something new on my blog every day

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