Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ok... Today at 1:30 pm in the middle of my laundry day we heard the loudest energy serge ( my DH and I) we lost complete power it span for about 4 blocks. so no power.. I am setting up my story so you will understand why I am blogging at this time of night..... We were with out power until 10:00 pm tonight. TODAY OF ALL DAYS...I am a huge GENERAL HOSPITAL FAN.. when the story line gets too endless for me, I can easily turn away from it for a while.. BUT if you have been watching like I have then u know why today was not a good day to have my power off.... SONNY AND DOMINIC/DANTE.. have we seen a more beautiful father and son as those two) and I was with out power today... THANK GOODNESS for SOAPNET.I would had to stay up until midnight to watch it... AND it was worth IT!!!!!!!!

CAN not wait for Monday :-)

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