Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Quick Post

Hello everyone.. It's a little late. but just wanted to share some pics. of my wonderful weekend. My Granny had "the Best Birthday" ever (according to her :0)...  We had soo much family over it was wonderful any time we get together and see just how much the family has grown.

When you are As Special as her you get 2 cake.. hehehe. As I had mention that this was a "Suprise" party for her.. But it was She who suprised us When a few of the guest told us that "She had RSVP with them to make sure that they be at my mom's house becuase "She knew that something was being done' but had Not put all togethere. She had her "own" guest list and wanted to make sure that there was some "decorations". Soo much for a Suprise. ( Again that's her.. Everyone had a huge laugh about it at the party including HER

As I said.. Certin things are for "oldd people"  which as you can see is NOT HER!!! hehehehe

Hugs, and Blessings

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