Friday, March 5, 2010

More to Show

following up from yesterday I wanted to show another one of my new craft item I have... At CHA I purchased a "scor-pal" I got it for about $5.00 less than the standard price.. (yes I had priced them around before I bought) like what it does..still learning all I can do with it...

About two weeks ago, I saw on a site an advertisement for a Scoring board from Martha Stewart. It was showing side by side with the org Scor-pal for compressing. And it was basically the same only difference was that Martha's board had much smaller lines (widths) so that you can score even smaller lines, it came with a bone folder and for a bonus you get a envelope maker. with out going on and on about it... What made it really stand out is the Price... The Martha Stewart’s scoring board is Half the price of the scorn-pal, yes I said half the price". On several sites they had them even less offering $2 to $3 dollars off that price, though; the item was on "back order"

So to say that I was truly surprise when I saw it at ""yes" Michaels I was surprised!!!! But that is not where my story end.. One that trip to Michaels that day in my hand was a 40% coupon off for any one item and my bonus coupon was for 20 % off any Martha Stewart Craft. I GOT IT!!!! it sells for $19.99 and with both of my coupon I got it for $8. and change :-)

Happy Scrapping :-)

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